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King City Nightmares

Will you escape or will you be stuck wandering the burnt out hallways of the old farmhouse ? Will the spirits lead you out or lock you in with the family that never escaped the fire?


Many, many years ago  there was a fued between farmer Jones and the Hendricksons. The fued became horrific one night  in late October, close to Halloween night, when the old farmhouse caught fire. The family tried to escape, banging on the windows, screaming for help as the fire raged and their flesh melted off their bones. They didn't realize old farmer Jones had barricaded the windows and doors and left a tree down in the lane so the fire trucks couldn't make it through. Their screams pierce the night every October as the spirits roam the hallways.  Blood curdling screams as they try over & over to escape, bloody scratches on the walls as they tear at the  boards to get out.

The rumours are that they still roam the house and every October the screams get louder as they  try to capture anyone

who dares enter.

Will you make it out or will the Hendricksons screams become part of your Nightmares.


Frequently Asked Questions


The Haunt is ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Strobe lights, live actors and prop scares WILL be in effect. Not for those with fear or anxiety of the unknown.

Actors will not touch customers of the haunt.

No refunds.

King City Nightmares is not responsible for any adverse affects caused by the haunted house experence. Please see waiver under general below.

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